How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

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Many people tend to make the mistake of not giving too much importance to the flooring they choose for their kitchens. The right floor can make a big difference in the kitchen. For example, lighter or neutral tones create the impression of greater luminosity and space. Stronger colours may look good in a small kitchen and not so good in a larger one.

The floor of your kitchen is the base on which the rest of it will literally sit. If you make the mistake of not giving sufficient importance to the type of flooring you choose, you could end up with an option that is not the best, with shocking consequences, and a kitchen that will quickly look out of fashion.

When choosing the flooring for your kitchen, it is always a good idea to choose something that is both beautiful and durable. The type of flooring you choose can highlight your appliances, cabinets and decoration in general. In turn, make sure that it can withstand the daily wear and tear such as spilled food and liquids and the usual foot traffic.

When it comes to choosing the material for your kitchen floor, it is important that you consider the budget as well as your lifestyle and routine. The variety of options to choose from can be very broad. Among them are sheet vinyl or tiles, vinyl wood flooring, ceramic tiles, wooden floors and other new laminate materials. So, how do you choose the best option for your kitchen?

You will need to do your own research as well as seek the advice of professionals such as contractors, architects and designers.

Popular alternatives:

  • For greater durability and a better cost-benefit ratio for kitchen flooring materials, look for vinyl or ceramic options.

  • Vinyl is resistant, economical and is available in sheets or tiles, smooth or with reliefs, or as vinyl wood flooring. It is one of the most popular options for kitchen floors. It comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. That is why more and more people throughout the country are choosing it.

  • Laminate kitchen floors are also an increasingly popular option. They are a new product that began as an alternative for kitchen countertops. They consist of materials in a sheet with an image that imitates wood, stone or other materials. They have the advantage that they are easily installed, in a short time, and they are very resistant.

  • Ceramic tiles, both beautiful and resistant, are the ideal material to clean when they get dirty. Keep in mind that this material may be more common in certain types of property, while others make use of wooden floors, or other alternatives.

  • Stone floors are a good option if you are looking to create a unique and attractive style for your kitchen floor. However, the fact that the different pieces are obtained from larger rocks means they usually come in irregular shapes, and can also be expensive.

  • Hardwood floors last much longer than any of the above options. However, from time to time they need to be polished or varnished. They are available in a wide variety of colours and the format can be in slats, planks or parquet in squares.

Are you looking for the beauty and durability of travertine or the warmth of wood? By choosing the right option and choosing a quality floor, you can be sure that it will maintain its appeal and last forever.

When designing your ideal kitchen, remember that light or neutral colours will give the impression of greater luminosity and space, and darker tones can give the sensation of greater intimacy and warmth. Also, different flooring finishes can alter the perception of the shape and space of your kitchen. A glossier finish can make your kitchen look bigger while an opaque finish can make it look smaller.


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