Is Your Child in Need of Medical Care?

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You never know when the day may come that your child will need medical care.

When it is help beyond a doctor visit or something you as a parent can do, you want to make sure your loved one gets care.

Finding the best facility from a myriad of emergency rooms when your children are hurt or sick can be tough.

To lessen the angst and time spent trying to find the best facility, be pro-active in your search ahead of time.

This means starting today for the emergency that could arrive today, tomorrow, the next day and so on.

Knowing How to Deal with a Medical Emergency

In knowing how to get your child the help they need in a medical emergency, keep these pointers in mind:

1. Don’t panic – Of course you feel anxious when your child has an injury involving breaks or serious cuts. That said you need to remain as calm as possible. This is not only for your sake, but the sake of your little one.

2. Know their history – Being able to give emergency staff with your child’s medical history is key. Depending on the age or the condition of your child, they may not be able to note the issue to those treating him or her. As such, you become their voice through the process.

3. Describing details – Last, do your best to describe necessary medical details to staff. If your child was playing on their own and you did not see them fall, how do you know what they may be suffering from? Something like a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not an injury you’re likely going to be able to diagnose. If your child can communicate how they feel, that is quite important. If they can’t, it is up to you to try and figure out what is going on until qualified medical staff has examined them.

Teaching Your Child How to Take Care of Themselves

There may be a time or two where your child gets an injury, yet you are not there.

It does not mean you do not care. The point is you can’t be with them 24/7. As such, they may need to care for themselves for a short period of time until you or medical help arrives.

By teaching your child on what to do, it could prevent a minor emergency from turning into something bad.

You may also think at some point and time about getting your child their own cell phone.

Sure, cell phones and children are not always the best combination.

That said what if your child is riding their bike home from school and has a nasty spill and hurts their back? Now, what if there is no one nearby to help them out? By being able to call for help, you could save your child more agony in waiting for help to arrive.

When it comes to your child and the need for medical care, make sure you give it a lot of thought before it becomes a crisis.


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