5 Chic Ways to Wear Your Pearl Necklaces

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You probably reserved your pearls for some special event or occasion. While there is nothing wrong with that, you should know that pearls are great for different settings. Instead of hiding away your pearls for a cocktail party, bring them out and style them in creative ways for other events. Or better, get more pearls and start wearing them more often!

Here are 5 ways you can style your pearl necklaces for different occasions:

1. A Single Pearl Stone

One of the best things about a necklace with a single pearl stone is how simple yet sophisticated it looks. You can combine this single pearl stone necklace with pearl earrings to create a look you can wear to office, casual events, and evening wear. For the office, you can wear it over a blazer in a neutral color like pastel, black, or navy. And for casual events, you can style the pearl combination over a pair of jeans and your classic white tee.

2. Layer String of Pearls

A modern way to wear pearls is by choosing a layered pearl necklace for a dramatic effect. Layer pearls of different lengths on your neck, or go for a multi-strand pearl necklace to complement your casual and high-fashion look. A layered pearl necklace goes with many outfits and occasions, including a gala night and a stroll to the farmers market. Our favorite layered pearl necklace style is over a little black dress to create a versatile look that can work for formal and casual events.

3. Try a Pearl Choker

Pearl choker is great if you are going for a bold and stylish look. Go for a choker that sits above your collarbone for effortless sophistication. Chokers are great for different outfits, but we always recommend a crew or V-neckline outfit. If it’s for an evening look, your choker will look great on a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress. You can also pair your choker with a pearl or non-pearl bracelet and earrings. And don’t forget, white isn’t the only pearl color: you can get a choker made from colorful beads and charms for an edgy look.

4. Wear Baroque Pearl

You might have seen a baroque pearl necklace in a vintage photograph that has grandma on it, but these traditional pieces are still a popular choice for contemporary fashion. A great styling tip for a Baroque pearl necklace is making sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit. Choose solid colors over prints for a balanced and sophisticated look.

5. Layered With Metals

Layer your pearl with metals and materials like gold, silver, shells, and beads. A strand of pearl with gold chains around the bottom will look great on a low-neck or off-shoulder dress. You can also wear the layered pearl necklace over a black blazer or around the collar of a white shirt. Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply enjoying a day out with family, this layered pearl necklace look will add a touch of individuality to your outfit.


Pearl necklace is a very versatile piece of jewelry that will work on every outfit. You can wear it with a little black dress, combine it with other pearls or metals to create a layered look or wear a single pearl stone. However you choose to wear it, these styling tips will help you create a look that is uniquely yours. And as you pass down your love for pearls to the next generation, you’ll be creating a timeless look that your kids might want to recreate later.


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