Save the Environment and Save the Children with Jerrybag

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In Uganda, children have to carry heavy jerry cans filled with water for miles, just so they can have enough to drink.

Not only do these children have to risk their lives walking along dangerous roads with no sidewalks, but the jerry cans they carry also put a massive burden on the growing children’s joints.

To help out the children of rural Uganda, the Jerrycan Water Bottle project was launched in December 2021. This campaign donated handstitched Jerrybags to help Ugandan children carry their water, and successfully raised over $30,000 while donating 509 bags to the children of Uganda.

Now, Jerrybag is back with their new Kickstarter campaign: “Safe Backpacks for a Better World.”

In this campaign, for each Jerrybag you purchase, Jerrycan will also donate one Jerrybag to a child in Uganda. These bags are handstitched in Jerrybag’s Uganda studio, where local women are trained in the artisan tailoring skills needed to craft the high-quality bags.

In that sense, not only is Jerrybag helping the children of Uganda, but it is also providing a space for women to be independent.

Jerrybag’s is made of 100% waterproof tarp material. This material is light and sturdy, and also completely recyclable.

What’s unique about this campaign’s bags is the reflective material on the outside. These reflectors are specifically designed to alert drivers of where pedestrians are, thus reducing the likelihood of a pedestrian accident.

The bags are also very spacious, and can easily fit a 15-inch laptop, as well as a wide variety of other goods.

Jerrybag is a two-in-one backpack and tote bag. The handle at the top makes the bag convenient to carry, and the bag also stands up on its own remarkably well.

You can also customize the bag’s label with a phrase or quote. There’s even masking tape included with your pledge for another layer of personalization.

Jerrybag comes with all of the above, plus a complimentary 30ml Jerrycan. If you donate just a bit extra, you can get an extra 800ml Jerrycan with your pledge, too.

There are a number of different designs you can choose from, including motifs based on SLOW DOWN, STOP, and YIELD road signs. There’s also a limited-edition STOP WAR bag. The proceeds from the STOP WAR bag will be used to donate a bag to a child in Ukraine.


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