Bringing the Restaurant Dining Experience to the Kitchen – VERNOX Tablemat

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all this time spent at home during the pandemic, it’s that, sometimes, we need to bring in something new to spice up our home decor. After all, using the same old cutlery and dishes day in and day out can get stale real quick. Sometimes, we just need something new to make things interesting. But getting new decor for the kitchen can be quite expensive, and experimenting with new dishes can get tiring fast.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to spice up your kitchen, then how about trying out some new tablemats? Whether it’s a new spectacle for you to personally enjoy, or if you’re inviting friends over for a house party, changing up your tablemats is a surefire way to reinvent the vibes of your space. VERNOX’s metallic and sophisticated tablemats are one such way to do so, and we think they’ll really add something new to your interior.

Stainless Steel SAE 304 Material

The VERNOX tablemat is made of stainless steel SAE 304. Compared to other silicone table mats with fabric designs, the VERNOX tablemat is a bit different. The stainless steel is what really sets VERNOX apart from the competition. It’s quite beautiful, and the material is a lot easier to clean than silicone. Fabric tablemats have a lot of different designs and colors you can choose from, but that doesn’t really mean much when they get dirty and ruined after you eat on your tablemats.  After all, we all know how hard it can be to wash away a stain if you aren’t able to take care of it right away. Alternatively, many people use silicone tablemats for how easy they are to wash. But this also comes with a significant downside. If you’re trying to eat a soup or stew on top of a silicone table mat, the broth can easily stain the material, and the silicone may not be able to handle the high temperature. You may also have to deal with the odor of the silicone material. But the VERNOX tablemat’s stainless steel is heat resistant enough that it can easily withstand the high temperatures of a hot pot. Stainless steel is flame retardant, and not only does this add a layer of safety, but the metallic luster also makes the VERNOX tablemat highly sophisticated.

Gold and Silver for an Air of Elegance

The VERNOX tablemat comes in gold or silver. The gold tablemat gives a warm and subdued vibe, while the silver adds a bit more of an urban touch. No matter which tablemat you go for, each one will make your dinner table feel truly unique; just the vibrant colors of these tablemats alone will make you feel like you’re at an expensive restaurant. Another design feature worth pointing out is how the tablemats have a round, curved design to soften the atmosphere, as opposed to the rectangular tablemats we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s brunch or dessert, these tablemats go great with any meal, and really embody the sophistication of a 5 star restaurant.

VERNOX Just Can’t be Beat

VERNOX tablemats combine the artistic beauty of fabric tablemats with the functionality of silicone tablemats. Use them to support a hot pot of stew, or just use them as plates to eat off of! These tablemats are sophisticated and highly versatile. Whether you’re buying for your home, or for a restaurant or bar, VERNOX will be the perfect fit for any setting. We’re personally big fans of how hygienic these tablemats are. Because no matter how good a tablemat’s design and functionality is, it’s just not worth it if the product isn’t safe and hygienic. This is especially so if you’re in a house with children. Finally, the semi-permanence of the VERNOX tablemats makes them a great investment for your kitchen.

We’re looking forward to more great things from VERNOX. You can meet Vernox tablemat at 58% off price on Indiegogo right now.


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