How to Repair Your Backyard For Spring

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The winter can often leave the backyard in rough shape, but there is always a window of opportunity before springtime arrives, to get the yard back in order. This is not just something which is important from an aesthetic point of view, it will also help for better general maintenance of the yard and its features, which will keep it looking better for longer. If you want to enjoy a great summer in your yard, the key is to get out there once the weather warms up a little, and put the effort into the prep work, and here is how to go about it.

Decking First

When it comes to a timber deck Melbourne gardens and yards are full of them, yet so many people fail to put the effort into the pre-spring preparation. The first step here is to give you deck a good clean, making sure that all dirt, dust, rubble and debris are removed. This will help to prevent anything growing on the deck which will eventually crack and damage it. Start with a brush and then power spray on a low setting to clear the rest.

Once you have cleaned down the timber decking you may need to give it a new coat of stain, which will prepare the timber for the coming summer and winter months. This should be done every other year, and a repaint is needed every 3-5 years.

Checking Equipment

Always make sure that you have given your equipment a once over before the spring arrives. Check your rakes, hoes, strimmers, mowers, spades, forks and anything else you use in this area. Over the winter you may find that there is rust which has appeared or broken tools which you had forgotten about. Get ahead of this so that the equipment is ready for exactly when you need it.

Bedding Areas

Any planting areas which you have in the yard should be weeded, cleared of any debris and fertilized for the coming months. This is the optimum time to do this so that you have a healthy and nutrient packed bed, ready for whatever you happen to plant in there over spring.

General Repairs

Make a list of any repair work which you need to do in the area. This could be repairing the timber decking, a fence post, cement between the patio tiles or even damage to pots and containers. Making this list now will ensure that this repair work gets done. Too often people put this off through the summer, forget through the winter and then find that the job is even harder the following year.

Get Your Edging Done

The key to a great looking backyard is clear edging between the various sections. Over time weeds can grow here and make the place look messy. This is an ideal time to get started by marking out the parameters of your yard, be it grassy areas, bedding or the edge of a patio.

The work that you put in now will certainly ensure that the yard is easier to maintain throughout the spring and summer.


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