Types of Tapware Finishes

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Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom requires something of a layered approach in order to get the best final result which you want. The first approach is to look at the bigger picture regarding themes and colors, as well as patterns in the room. Secondly you will need to consider the larger items such as worktops, toilets, sinks and lighting, before taking on the details. One of the details which makes for some challenging decisions is the tapware, and there are a number of finishes which you can choose from. Your choice will depend largely on what the rest of the kitchen looks like, and here are the choices you will have.

Physical Vapor Deposition

This particular finish uses a coating technology in order to give you a strong and durable finish to your tapware. There is coating technology which places a very thin film to the tap which gives the look and the characteristics which PVD does. This kind of coating is used on many gold taps, as well as warm bronze, brushed copper and black tapware options.

Powder Coated

Powder coated tapware leaves a high quality and textured look to the tap, as well as providing a highly durable and robust finish to any taps. In order to achieve this look, powder is blasted onto the surface of the metal and then heated quickly to solidify it in place. The heat helps the powder to set and also melts it slightly which thus gives a beautiful texture on the outer edge of the metal. More often than not we see this particular technique used when making matte white and black taps.


For those taps which have a beautiful brushed appeal such as brushed gold and chrome taps, they will use an approach which is called ‘galvanic’. This particular approach is actually done by hand and then finished through high heat and nickel plating. The nickel is added to the surface and then in order to prevent oxidization, which results in rusting metal, the nickel is treated and heated in place. The results are a great look and one of the hardest finishes in this list.


This is the perfect option for those who are looking for old-looking tapware, a very common choice for bathrooms and kitchens right now. To get that antiquated look, companies will take brass which has been sandblasted, and then on top of it they will lacquer a gold finish. From here there will be a layer of black or brown added to the tapware which gives a really beautiful and old world finish to the taps. This is one of the most beautiful finishes but sometimes the lacquered approach may not provide as much durability as some of the other options.

The decision as to which finish you will be looking at will come down to what kind of style you need for the theme of the room. Additionally there are price differences between these finishes depending on what materials and work goes into the process.


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