5 Fall Fashion Tips

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Fall conjures up images of pumpkin spice lattes, chunky cable-knit sweaters, and the boots that tie it all together. Here are five fall fashion tips to make this season a stellar one.

Extend Your Summer

Many of us instinctively reach for a black cardigan the moment the air turns chilly. But take advantage of the first weeks of fall, when the weather is still a bit warm, to milk the most out of your summer wardrobe. The key here is to pair a piece of your summer closet with a few elements of your fall wardrobe. For women, try combining a sweater with your favorite dress to turn it into a skirt. For men, think about matching a graphic t-shirt with dark denim. Versatile boots allow you to master the look.

Fringe is Your Friend

Fringe isn’t just for cowboys and punk princesses. It’s a style space where anyone can come play. This year’s runways were filled with models wearing skirts, dresses, and jackets touched with a little something extra. If you’re nervous about trying this trend, a purse with fringe is a great place to start. Men can rock fringe, too, with a jacket or pair of pants.

Bring Back the ’70s

Wide leg pants, suede, leather: this might remind you of your high school yearbook, but it’s also one of this fall’s biggest trends. A shiny skirt or embroidered jeans are a good way to keep it subtle but sexy. Bell sleeves lend an ethereal vibe to your look. On men, wide-lapels are in, so you may want to try a vintage blazer with dark jeans, or try a suede or leather jacket on over your t-shirt.

Denim and More Denim

Back to black: black jeans are a total power move for men and women. They streamline your outfit and allows you to go a little wilder up top. This is the perfect opportunity to wear a looser shirt or a less-fitted cardigan. Versatile boots allow you to make it your own in styles and shapes that will look great with every pair of jeans.

Versatility Counts

Of course, no fall outfit is complete without the right accessories. Finding the perfect accessory to finish an outfit can be challenging, but boots remove the guesswork. A pair of country-inspired, urban-friendly boots will be multi-functional – dressy enough for drinks after work, but functional enough that you won’t need a second pair to work in the garden.

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