Two of the Top Factors Leading to a Divorce

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Marriage is wonderful institution that nearly everyone aspires to. Two people come together with the goal of spending their lives as one. It sounds wonderful but over time great challenges can develop leading to a feeling by one or both members of the marriage that it simply is not working and cannot be repaired.

When this happens one partner will call a divorce lawyer to learn how to end the marriage. It happens all over the US from Los Angeles, California, to Buffalo, New York. Even in Galveston Texas, a top Galveston divorce lawyer will be called by someone looking for top representation as they end their marriage.

There are a number of issues that can cause a marriage to end and here are two of the most common.

Children Issues

Often couples have a great relationship until they have children. Kids coming into the home can bring up a lot of new issues that were never relevant previously. When the child is a baby both parents may struggle with who will be the caregiver. The woman is typically the primary one but often she will seek to have the husband contribute substantially. The husband may disagree and this can cause tension. As the child ages the parents may disagree on how the child should be raised. Perhaps the father wants strict discipline while the mother wants a more gentle approach. Differences of opinion like these and others can cause rifts between married couples. Because each looks at decisions about the children as being so important it might be hard for one or both to compromise or back down. When this occurs, it can cause one of the parents to think that divorce is the right answer.

Loss of Intimacy

When a couple gets married each partner has their idea of how intimacy will be in the relationship. Although the ideas may differ in the beginning both partner wants to please the other so they may put their own intimacy desires aside. During a marriage the amount of intimacy may ebb and flow and it will vary from couple to couple. But overall there is an expectation of intimacy and closeness by both people. If a situation develops where one partner is not getting his or her intimacy needs met, it will damage the relationship. There is a chance that this can be corrected but it definitely needs to be addressed particularly if this issues persists. When it is not corrected, the partner who is not getting intimacy needs met will get frustrated and even angry and feel that the marriage is irreparably broken. Again and intervention like therapy may help because it might be issues related to work, stress, or other things causing the loss of intimacy. But if it does not get better one partner will feel slighted and become angrier. That person may then seek comfort outside of the marriage. This can lead to a very nasty divorce.

There are other common reasons that people decide to end their marriage. If you are contemplating ending yours, contact a great attorney to represent you.


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