Great Ideas for Photographs of Your Newborn Baby

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Nothing is more special and more magical than a newborn baby. Unfortunately, they only have that newborn-look for a very short period of time. Unsurprisingly, therefore, many people want to immortalize this period of time by working with a newborn photographer. It is important to be prepared for sessions with such a professional, however, so that you know what you want on your particular images. Below are some things you may want to consider.

1. Boxes and Baskets

Boxes and baskets are great for baby and toddler photographs, because they love to play with them, and pictures capture moments of them being completely intrigued with them. With newborns, this is not quite the case. However, a good photographer can place the baby and the boxes and baskets in such a way that they look absolutely adorable. Do remember, however, that safety has to come first!

2. Wooden Letters

Letters are also a fantastic prop to be added to your newborn photographs. They can be used to make a picture look either modern or vintage. Further, letters symbolize knowledge, which is a good thing to wish for your children. Again, safety must come first. Watch for splinters and make sure the letters cannot fall. If choosing plastic instead, make sure it is BPA and Latex-free.

3. Fun Furniture

Furniture is a really good addition, particularly if you manage to find some common pieces, such as tables, chairs, or sofas, and have those reduced to your baby’s size. Make sure there is no opportunity for the child to fall off or otherwise hurt themselves.

4. Stuffed Animals

As a prop, stuffed animals are the perfect item for babies, because they are so suitable for their age. Babies and cuddly toys go together incredibly well, after all. Be careful that there are no parts on the stuffed animals that can come off and present a choking hazard, however.

5. Baby Hammocks

A lot of good newborn photographers now have baby hammocks, which offer a little bit of natural beauty, while at the same time being incredibly comfortable for babies. In fact, you may even see your baby fall asleep during the photoshoot! You also won’t be the first parent to then start to look for a baby hammock to have at home. Again, do make sure that the hammock is suitable for newborns and 100% safe.

6. Garlands

Garlands are a great way to add a little bit of color and celebration to an image. Not just that, you can use them to commemorate special occasions. Your baby may be born near the 4th of July, for instance, in which case you could have little American flag garlands. Or perhaps they were born near Christmas, in which case festive garlands will look fantastic.

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to make your baby look absolutely fantastic during their newborn photoshoot. The most important thing, however, is that you put safety first at all time. Talk to your photographer about this.


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