How to Carry a Baby: The Proper Technique Explained

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Are you a new parent who’s worried about how to carry a baby? Are you worried you’ll drop the baby, or end up hurting yourself in the process?

All parents have worries like these, but after a few pointers, you’ll be picking up your baby like a professional.

Listed down below are the best tips on the proper technique for carrying a baby that every parent needs to know!

Maintain Good Posture

The first step in learning how to hold a baby is to pick up the baby with good posture. If you are always picking up your baby by lifting with your back, you’ll end up injuring yourself in the process.

Always keep your back straight and lift with your legs. You must keep yourself in good shape so that you won’t have any pangs of pain when holding your child. Otherwise, you risk holding the baby in the wrong way or you might even end up dropping him.

If you know you’re in for a long holding session, try to do a few stretches beforehand to keep your muscles limber.

Don’t forget to take breaks when necessary. High-quality baby carriers are indispensable for any parent who needs a small break, so make sure to check out this article to learn more!

The Arm Cradle

Once you’ve lifted your baby out of their crib, you’ll want to create a cradle with your arms. Wrap your arms around the baby like a protective wall, spacing your arms out so that there are never any large gaps between your limbs and your baby.

This is the best way to keep the baby secure while attempting to do other things, such as feeding.

It feels awkward the first few times you try, but after a while, you’ll get the hang of this posture.

The Hug Technique

Walking around with a baby is easiest when you hug the baby close to your chest. Cradle your baby against your chest to keep him in place as you move around the house. It creates a closeness between the two of you, while always ensuring the baby is secure.

It’s a great technique for burping the baby, and gives the baby a lot of comfort!

Support the Head

No matter which way you hold your baby, never forget to give proper support to the head. Babies haven’t developed the right muscles to support their head all alone, so they need your help until they get a little older.

Whether you’re using the hug technique or the arm cradle, always ensure that one hand holds and supports the baby’s head. This stops any risk of injury to your baby!

Knowing How to Carry a Baby Alleviates Stress

Being a new parent is always going to have its stressors. Stress comes with the job! However, by learning how to carry a baby, you’ll have one less thing to worry about every day.

Instead, you’ll get to enjoy every single moment of holding your darling baby!

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