Gustatorial Gifts – 5 Perfect Presents for Your Foodie Friends

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Trying to find the perfect gift for friends and family is never easy. You could spend hours browsing the internet or pounding the pavement and still never find something that ticks all the boxes. For the foodie friend in your life, however, the present picking process is about to get a whole lot easier. Here are five gifts your culinary cronies will love.

Cooking and Dining Sets

Most people never think to update their dining and cookware sets because what they have works just fine. Some plates might have the odd chip or crack, but they are not on their last legs by any stretch of the imagination. In saying that, gifting someone with a new set can make them realize just how badly they needed an upgrade. You could be the person to deliver.

Replace those burnt-out and blackened pots with new ones, and replace grandma’s broken crockery with the hospitality industry’s finest. You’ll be the favorite friend in no time.

Dining Vouchers

Whether you’re short on time or your friends are not the easiest people to buy for, then you can’t go wrong with dining vouchers. Americans spend over $130 billion every year on gift cards, and for a good reason. The recipient can use it whenever they like (before it expires) and will be genuinely happy to get a free meal. Treat them to a voucher from a restaurant that screams “foodie heaven,” and make sure your choice is backed by good reviews.

Meal Kit Delivery

If you love sinking your teeth into a challenge, then you’ll undoubtedly find that gift-giving will be one of the toughest you’ll face. If you don’t have a set budget in mind though, why not treat your friend or family member to a meal subscription delivery service?

Meal kit delivery is a weekly menu of groceries with recipes delivered directly to your door. You are essentially gifting a week’s worth of convenience, which is bound to be a welcome relief for the busy foodie in your life. These services are growing in popularity by the day, with over ten million households benefiting from them in 2017 alone.

Recipe Books

Over 17 million recipe books make their way onto US bookshelves every year, making them a tried-and-tested gift idea for the food lover in your life. Even though online recipes are carving out a new niche in the market, printed versions are showing no signs of slowing down. Think about the food your friend or family member loves, then choose a book to match. You never know – you could become the lucky guinea pig for their delicious new creations!

Spice Gift Sets

Food would be pretty bland and boring without spices, which is why these flavorful ingredients are a big part of separates a good cook from a great one. Appeal to your gift recipient’s love of flavor with a spice gift set. You can either buy them a pack presented beautifully in a basket or go for a full rack of delightful herbs and spices. Whatever you decide; know that it’s going to be put to good use in their kitchen. You can never have too many flavor combinations!

You may have thought your friends and family were impossible to buy for, but if they love food, they will love these gift ideas. Treat them to new cooking equipment, vouchers for dining, or even a subscription service for a week or two. You also can’t go wrong with spices and recipe books. Watch the recipient’s face light up when they unwrap the gift you chose for them with love.


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