The Best Holiday Gift for Moms

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While it may be tempting to buy mom jewelry or clothing for her holiday gift, those purchases don’t come with a personal touch. Consider giving her a thoughtful gift that she will proudly display to all of her friends and family members. You can make this happen by surprising her with a fantastic flashback to precious moments by using the power of photographs.

While it is easy to store photographs on smart phones, computers and social media accounts, these platforms don’t have the same soulful feeling as printed photographs. Photographs are tangible memories that can transport a person back to the day that they happened, even if the moment happened years or decades ago. Give mom a collection of old or brand-new photographs for her to display in the house, at her work or tuck away for safekeeping.

Instead of buying a photo album with laminated sleeves for your family photos, create a photo product through — the website can help you create professional looking custom calendars, family yearbooks, mini photo books and home décor. Because photoroost lets you design your photo projects with their user-friendly software, you can customize it perfectly for mom — add large high-quality photos or make an entire collage if you have a lot of photos to squeeze in.

For a customized calendar, try to find a photograph based on each month or season: jumping in the rain for spring; going on vacation for summer; playing in the leaves for fall; or building a snowman for winter. Or to get more specific, you can go through your digital files and social media albums to find what month you took that picture, then add it to the calendar.

For a personalized family yearbook, you can go above and beyond by selecting all your favourite photos and adding commentary in paragraph boxes. Use the text boxes to describe the day those photos were taken, why they are important, or even write a touching note for her to read while she’s browsing the pages. Add photos taken during the year, focusing on significant moments like birthdays and holidays like New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. The website offers specific decorative templates for these holidays, along with other thematic designs.

If you are worried that you do not have enough photographs available for your album, there is no need to worry — there is always time to make new pictures for her present. For new moms, you can arrange to have creative photoshoots with newborns or infants — having a professional camera or photographer will help with the quality of the picture, and having Photoshop skills can add for some fun results. A popular photoshoot for infants is called a cake smash, where the infant is photographed while they are encouraged to destroy a cake and get covered icing in the process. For moms with teenage or adult children, you can always recreate childhood photos — the results can be heartfelt or humorous, depending on the original photos selected.

For this holiday season, give mom a gift filled with precious moments and treasured memories. She will love when you give her family memories displayed in a custom calendar, family yearbook, or mini photo book and will be excited to make new memories to fill another one in the future.


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