Wow Your Clients with Wine Gift Hampers on this Easter

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Easter is fast approaching, and you are probably trying to figure out which gift hampers to get your clients. It would be best if you put in some effort in coming up with the best gift ideas for your clients. These are the people who keep your business going, and so you want to maintain that great relationship through a fantastic gift. In this article, we will help you personalise wine gift hampers that will wow your clients.

 Try and personalise the packaging of the gift hamper

Do not judge a book by its cover is one saying that probably has some truths in it; however, we are all attracted to things that are pleasing to our eyes. We, therefore, cannot emphasise enough the need to package your gift uniquely and attractively.

You have a variety of options to choose from that you can use in your wine gift hampers. Some of the best include picnic baskets and wooden boxes. Your client’s personality should guide the decision on which option to use. This is why it is vital to create a great relationship with them to know such details.

Pick out the perfect wine for your client

So you have picked out an excellent packaging for your gift, the next thing you want to do is get the perfect wine. For this, you will need to do some background check and identify your client’s preference, do they like red or white wine; or do they enjoy it dry or sweet. A good idea is to have two of their favourite wines and add a third that they can try out. It might turn out to be their newfound favourite.

In the course of your research, you might find that your client is a wine connoisseur and is therefore unlikely to be wowed by ordinary wine. Make sure you go a step further to see to it that you get them something that will please them.

Other than their preferences, the time for gifting, in this case, Easter, should assist you in choosing the kind of wine to give them. During this time, it is usually warm in this country. The best wine to suit such weather would be a light and crisp wine.

Try and include some accompaniments

In the hamper, you can also include some accompaniments that can be enjoyed with wine. A great idea would be to add cheese, more specifically, hard cheese like cheddar or gouda. Nuts are also another great addition to the basket that will make your client happy. There are a variety of wine accompaniments you can choose from, if possible, have a wide range in the basket. By doing so, you will minimise the chances of the client missing out on something they like, while at the same time, you might be introducing them to something awesome they probably never knew complimented a glass of wine.

Some other popular snacks that you can add include chocolates as well as olives. Make sure the chocolate matches with the wine, for instance, for red wine, choose dark chocolates, and vice versa.


With these tips, we believe that you will get it right as you come up with beautiful Easter gifts hamper ideas for your clients.


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