The 4 Best Tools for Your Dog Instagram

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When it comes to running a successful business, it’s important to connect with your customers in as many ways as you can. For brick-and-mortar stores, this means using custom flags as well as custom website designs. For online businesses, it’s all about mastering your brand and engaging with your customers on as many platforms as possible. And if you’re running an Instagram account, it’s all about getting as many followers as you can so that you can start making money. When you have a dog Instagram, you need to use all the right tools to up your number of Instagram followers. Sure, the basics like curating your dog’s personality online and coming up with the right tone of voice for captions is great–but if you’re serious about getting more followers, you have to get creative.

Luckily, the right tools will get you where you need to be. To learn more, read on.

1 Hootsuite

If you were running a big online business, then you’d have a team managing your social media. You’d have a social media manager, at least, who made sure that posts got published at the ideal time and weren’t repeated. But when you’re running a dog Instagram account, chances are you’re working alone. That’s why a tool like Hootsuite is so helpful. Hootsuite makes it possible to plan your posts in advance and schedule them automatically so that you can think about other elements of your business instead of stressing about scheduling.

Considering that fan engagement has increased 416 percent on Instagram since 2012, perfecting your scheduling of posts will be a huge boon to your business.

2 Owlmetrics

When it comes to running any social media platform successfully, it’s hugely important to have as much information about what posts are successful and who your followers are. Even though an Instagram for Business account has a great feature (Insights) that will provide you with some info, you still need more of it. That’s what makes Owlmetrics so great.

According to Entrepreneur: “The tool is capable of analyzing Instagram performance with regard to follower growth and post (including Instagram Stories) engagement. Users can also determine the best time of day to post content based on easy-to-interpret calendar heat maps that elegantly synthesize large data sets.”

That’s way better than using Instagram alone, so you’ll have a much better idea if people prefer your dog wearing scarves or hats for future posts. And considering that, in 2016, the total of users on Instagram was 500 million, using this tool is a great way to connect with as many of these users as possible.

3 Later

Everyone knows that engagement is super important on social media. But if your dog blog is doing well, and people are commenting on your posts all the time, then you can end up feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s exciting, but sometimes too many comments mean a lot of additional work when what you should be doing is taking the dog out for a walk. That’s why Later is such a great tool. They make it way easier for you to manage those comments, which means you’ve got more time to focus on actual work.

They’ve got a free plan, and there are paid plans ranging from $9/month to $49/month, which means you can choose what works best for you. Considering that Instagram doubled its user base from 2015 to 2017, this will make it way easier to manage your account once you make it big.

4 SocialInsider

We know that dog is a man’s best friend–but who are your frenemies? In the case of running a business on Instagram, your frenemies are your competitors. On the one hand, they’re competing with you to be successful. But on the other hand, they’re connections you can make online and at industry events. And you can learn from them. By using a tool like SocialInsider, you can analyze what your competitors are doing, and learn about what they’re doing most successfully (and why). The qualitative nature of this data is what makes all the difference!

There’s also an added benefit to this tool, which is that it works not only for Instagram but also for Facebook and Twitter. Think about this: 43 percent of online stores see significant traffic from their social media pages, so if you figure out what your competitors are doing right, you’ll get even more traffic!

These are some of the best tools to make your dog Instagram more popular. What other social media strategies are you using to make your dog Instagram successful?


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