Is Someone Eyeing Your Child Online?

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One of the greatest fears a mother or any parent can have is the thought someone might be after their child.

With that in mind, are you taking all the needed steps to best protect your son or daughter when they are online?

If you answered no, trouble could be lurking right around the corner.

So, is it time to step up that protection in your home and elsewhere?

Keeping Your Family Safe

When you stop to think about it, you live in a world where there is computer access 24/7/365. Even if you do not have a computer in your home, you more than likely have Internet service via your smartphone.

That said it is important to look at the possible areas where your child could have exposure to trouble. And yes, you could have exposure too if you are not careful.

Start by looking at family computer.

Do you set boundaries for your children when it comes to using the computer at home? If you do not, you should reconsider things. Remember, it only takes one mistake on your part or that of your child for trouble to start.

In the event your family computer does not have anti-virus software, change that. Such software can lessen the odds of one being able to watch and impact your computer activities.

Along those lines, research protection plans out when it comes to identity theft.

Stop to think about the damage that could occur if one got a hold of your personal financial information. Before you could sit down and realize what happened, they could have spent your money.

Look at LifeLock discounts and other savings from I.D. theft protection providers. It will be time well-spent.

You may think spending the money for such a service is not worth your time. At the end of the day, it is. From watching your accounts to monitoring activity on credit cards, it is worth it.

Also, make it a point to remind your children when online that they should never do any of the following:

· Talk to strangers – It should be obvious talking to strangers online is bad. That said curiosity at times will get the better of your kid. That said emphasize as often as it takes to your son or daughter they need to steer clear of strangers in life. This is especially true when surfing the web.

· Give out family info – Remind your child to also avoid giving out family information. This includes where you live, where one’s parents work, where your child goes to school, if you are going on a trip and more.

· Open suspicious email attachments – Last, your child should never open suspicious email attachments. It only takes one such piece of malware to leave you vulnerable to identity theft thieves and more.

The less you have to worry about your children online and in public, the more peace of mind you can have as a mom.

So, will you do whatever it takes to protect your child when they take to the Internet?


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