Sending the Kids Off to See the Grandparents Over Summer

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When you’re a busy mom, it doesn’t shock you that summertime can run you down.

Not only do many moms have their kids at home with them for much or the entire summer, but they work full-time jobs too. As a result, it can be tough for mom to get some quality R&R if even for a day or two.

With that being the case, might you rely on the grandparents to take some of the weight off of your shoulders? If so, you won’t be the first or last mom to do this.

For many parents, turning to their own parents to watch their children for a period of time is normal. In fact, most grandparents would not be happy if they did not have quality time with their grandkids. That said summertime can be an ideal time for you to send your children off for a period with the grandparents.

In the event you do this, don’t forget to come up with some fun plans for your kids.

Remember, there’s only so much time they can spend on the computer and their cell phones before boredom sets in.

Make Plans Now for a Great Summertime

If sending your children off to see grandpa and grandma for a period of the summer, here are some ideas:

  • Day trips – What kid wouldn’t enjoy Disneyland, Universal Studios and other venues? Now, you might worry that the grandparents don’t have the energy to hang with your children. As for prices, don’t fret that such day ventures are too expensive. If you search, you will discover there will be discounted deals on Disneyland tickets and more.
  • Camping – If your parents are not too old, they may have a thirst for a weekend camping trip. There’s nothing better than grandpa and grandchildren fishing or hunting. Camping time with one’s grand kids can bring positive memories of when your parents took you out.
  • Work at home – Though the idea of working around your parents’ home may not sound fun that could prove the reverse. If your parents own property out in the country, a farm for example, your children could have a lot of fun. From riding horses to working with livestock, it could lead to some great memories.

Tracing the Family’s History

Another reason for children spending time with their grandparents is tracing family history.

Do your children know about all the different aunts, uncles, and even cousins in their family? While they likely know the basics about them, do they know more intimate details? This can be where they went to school, if they served in the military, when they started their families and more.

By spending time talking about these people and looking at family pictures, it can be a lot of fun. As such, your children are likelier going to have a greater appreciation of family life.

In keeping kids busy before school returns, note how instrumental grandparents can be in your life and the lives of your children.


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