How To Avoid Neck And Back Pain On Your Upcoming Flight

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The weather in Toronto is starting to slowly show signs of thaw, which means that spring travel is on many people’s minds. It’s a rite of passage for many, a harbinger of spring, to jet off somewhere, either for the Easter long weekend or just to get away from work for a week. But air travel is not without its annoyances. On the small end of the spectrum, that means having to pay twelve dollars for a simple sandwich, or twiddling your thumbs through a half hour delay. On the more serious end of the spectrum, that means suffering neck and back pain.

Here are some tips for how to avoid neck pain on your upcoming flight.

Get Posture Tips From Your Chiropractor

Long before you get on the plane, before you’ve even booked your flight, take proactive steps to stop living with back or neck pain by visiting a chiropractor, who, in addition to offering structural, corrective care, can offer tips on how to avoid back and neck pain. For instance, ask them about what posture is best for long flights, and what to use as lumbar support – not only will they be able to counsel you on how to avoid pain on the flight, but they can show you stretches to do before you take off or when you get to your destination.

Lift Properly, Or Avoid Lifting

One potentially pain-inducing aspect of traveling is the baggage. If you have large luggage, consider using a rolling suitcase as opposed to a backpack, and when it comes time to pack your bag in the overhead compartment, remember the proper lifting techniques. Of course, if you’re uncomfortable lifting your bag by yourself, ask a flight attendant for assistance – it’s not worth starting your trip off on a painful note!

Bring A Neck Pillow

Depending on your seat, neck support on a flight is either poor or nonexistent. A proper neck pillow can offer firm (but not too firm) cervical support to ensure that your neck isn’t exposed to undue strain. Some neck pillows have come under scrutiny for being ineffective, so it’s best to ask your chiropractor which pillow they would recommend.

Take A Few Walks

Get up and move around. Stretch every once and a while. In addition to being good for overall blood flow and wellbeing, changing up a stagnant position will relieve stress on your lumbar spine. It’s doubtful that anyone on the flight will mind, but to be sure you are not disturbing anyone, consider asking for an aisle seat, or alerting the flight crew to the fact that you suffer from back and neck pain and will be moving around.

Trips should be relaxing, but it’s difficult to unwind properly when your spine is wound up. Talk to a chiropractor here in Toronto to get more specific tips on how to avoid back pain, what stretches you can do and what activities to avoid. Spring and summer can be long, so it’s best to start off the right way, free of discomfort and pain.


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