Maintain Your Drainage Pipes Before Summer Humidity Strikes

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Homeowners are encouraged to be proactive in drainage pipe maintenance, but we all get a little lazy in the summer, prioritizing a cool drink on the patio over the workaday demands of our house. The ungodly Toronto humidity, however, comes with a potential problem for your drains.

Humidity affects drains by forming condensation – or sweating – which occurs when the temperature is conducive to form water vapour, causing damage to plumbing materials such as pipes, drains, valves, fittings, and fixtures. Components made of metal are usually the first places where moisture will start to cause adverse effects.

Imagine your drains are you: a little bit of sweating in the summer is normal, but you run into all sorts of problems once you start sweating profusely. This sweating of the material becomes an issue when small amounts of water pool up below the pipes and wreak havoc on your house’s building materials. For example, when water constantly drips from underneath a kitchen sink, moisture weakens the tile floor and subfloor, causes residue and mould to form, and is just an altogether annoyance, not to mention a potential health hazard.

Water drips in overhead pipes can be an extraordinary irritation in basements and storm cellars, as they may harm floor coverings, furniture, and – heaven forbid – even the internet modem. Condensation and moisture, if occurring on unfortunately placed pipes, can even cause an electrical fire. But it doesn’t have to be all fires and wet furniture – there are precautions you can take in order to enjoy some piece of mind this summer.

Drain Maintenance

We’ve outlined how humidity can affect drains by forming condensation that pools within plumbing, but proactive summer plumbing maintenance, whether that’s seeking out residential drain cleaning services in your area, or just researching plumbers, helps an owner stay calm and beat the summer stress. One such solution to employ is to get cold water pipe leaks fixed before summer humidity strikes. Routine drain maintenance extends the life of plumbing, keeps water flowing and the sewer lines clog-free.

Interior and Exterior Waterproofing

Installing a basement waterproofing system is a cost-saving decision, and not necessarily one that needs to be made during the height of the rainy season. With waterproofing, each circumstance is special and should be treated as such, and many issues with exterior and interior water are a combination of preventable issues. A benefit of exterior waterproofing is that, with new seepage tiles or a drainage framework installed, it deters drainage problems. Simultaneously, plumbers can apply a waterproof material or layer to the exterior surface to ensure that water doesn’t invade it once more.

Round-the-clock Availability for Urgent Cases
In the Toronto and GTA area, there are companies who can meet your service needs with round-the-clock availability for urgent cases. Faucet repair, water main and water line services and drain maintenance, each of which can be caused by that sweet summer humidity, tend to be the more prevalent cases, but routine maintenance before the summer heats up can deter emergencies and save on costly urgent calls.

The humidity may make your hair look terrific, but it can cause costly damage to your house. It’s in every homeowner’s best interest to seek out and speak to a professional, reliable plumber, that way you can spend your free time on other summer activities, like playing sports, or sleeping in a hammock.


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