How to grow your startup in a hurry

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It was tough going at first, but after weathering the storm of building a business from the ground up, your startup now stands ready to make the jump to becoming a respected brand in your space.

In order to solve problems for millions of consumers rather than just thousands, though, you must scale your processes so the needs of a much larger audience can be met.

In this vein, there are no shortage of tools that can help you to make this happen – innovation management software saas tools and even the intelligent use of social media can aid your efforts to grow your startup in a hurry.

Below, we’ll run down how you can make this happen.

1) Organize ideas effectively

When you aim to become a larger company, you’ll need to take on problems that corporations deal with and solve them in an impressive fashion.

This will require innovative thinking on a scale you likely haven’t attempted before – while this may sound intimidating, taking on these projects and succeeding is what differentiates noteworthy companies from their less effectual competition.

When you attempt to solve these issues, remaining organized is essential if you hope to keep moving smoothly from the moment you first define the problem to the day you successfully resolve it.

When you have innovation management software installed on your network, your professionals will have an enhanced ability to see the core issues of a problem clearly, making it much easier for them to come up with elegant solutions.

2) Find some VC funding

Often, big dreams will require big sums of cash in order for them to come to fruition. If you have proof of concept and a track record for getting things done, though, contacting venture capitalists is a move you should make.

Possessing the vast sums of money you’ll need to bring all your expansion plans to life, these folks may  be willing to commit the capital you’ll need to bring your enterprise to life.

Don’t be a patsy, however: VC’s are in the business to make as much money as possible; accordingly, the first deal they present will be heavily favorable to them.

Hold your ground and make them come more towards the center, as you don’t want them to end up with them holding a chunk of your business that will allow them to assume too much creative control over something that isn’t their baby.

3) Get a mentor who is experienced in your niche

The waters of the business world can be choppy even at the best of times. As such, it is helpful to have an experienced captain who can help you keep a steady hand at the wheel when things appear to be getting scary.

This is what an experienced mentor can do for you, as you deserve to have someone to advise you when you are confronted by frightening business situations.

Meet them by making appearances at networking events in your industry, and you’ll eventually meet someone who can give you the ongoing feedback you’ll need to be successful in the long run.


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