Decking Out Your Home Without Spending The Earth

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After many years spent at my parent’s home, too many if I’m being honest, I was finally able to get out on my own and rent an apartment in Irvine, CA. Th problem that I very quickly realized that I had, was that almost all of my money went on rent and bills and I barely had enough money to put any furniture in my home. Everyone said to me that this was just part of the process and that you start out with nothing and then build from there, this may or may not have been true, all I knew was that I had a home, but it was pretty damn bare. I used see all of the modern furniture Irvine CA had to show me in its shop windows and long for the day that I could buy them, instead I had to go budget style, and here is how I did it.

Pallets Are Your Friends

I had a friend who worked in a factory who was able to get his hands on some pallets for me, once I had the pallets I decided to sand them down and give them a lick of varnish in an effort to make them look less ‘industrial’. Once I had decked out the pallets, I used them for everything, I put my mattress on them and used them as a bed, I made two tables and even made a couple of chairs from the wood. Pallets are super cheap and easy to work with and if you are looking at furnishing your home on a budget, the pallet is very much your friend.

Thrift Shop

I figured that if I could not fix my house up with glitzy furniture and luxurious items, that I would instead give the place some character. For this reason, I became a regular at the local thrift shop and every Saturday morning I would be down there looking for a new piece of junk, or as I like to call it, character, for my home. I tried and failed with many different bits and pieces and almost turned my own home into a thrift shop. After persevering however I found some bits and pieces that really fit with the place and the paintings and ornaments still stand there to this day,


Having an empty home is one thing, but having an empty home without color or excitement, is frankly boring. It is for this reason that I would recommend that you go to your local hardware store, pick up some paint and at the very least, give your home a bit of passion and a bit of personality. Paint will not set you back a great deal of money and the impact which it can have on your home will be huge. You don’t have to spend the Earth trying to make your place look good, you simply need to get creative and add some color.


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