6 Packing Tips for Hassle-Free Moving

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Moving can be such a burden, but you can make things easier by planning carefully. Start by packing well to ensure your items will stay in good shape when it’s time to load and unload. Packing seems like an easy task, but it can be daunting when you start to prepare your belongings and try to fit them in boxes, ensuring that space is maximised. To save time, money and energy, here are the top tips for packing correctly and staying organised.

  1. Gather enough supplies. Before you start, make sure you have all the supplies handy to work continuously and finish quickly. Prepare boxes of different sizes, packing tape, paper or plastic wrap, bubble wrap, foam and scissors. You can also prepare a marker to label the boxes after packing so it will be easier to unpack and organise the rooms in your new home or office. You can order moving supplies online or from a local store.

  2. Pack correctly. It is best to place heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter stuff in bigger ones. It makes moving harder when big boxes are too heavy. There’s also a greater chance for those items to break. Alternatively, put heavy items on the bottom of a big box, and lighter items on top. Make sure to wrap breakables well using bubble wrap. You can also use paper as padding. Tape boxes shut, securing the areas where stress is concentrated.

  3. Fill spaces smartly. To maximise space in each box, fill the gaps with small clothing items such as socks, towels or pillowcases. Make sure to keep the socks in pairs.

  4. Pack things from the same room together. If possible, items from the same room should be in the same box or boxes. This makes it easier to unpack and organise each room.

  5. Label boxes. By labelling boxes, it is easier for you to find items you need once you’ve reached your new place. This will also help you and the movers identify which box belongs to each room, or which boxes need careful handling for items that are fragile.

  6. Keep an inventory. After labelling, keep a neat inventory to check which items you have packed. This will also help you keep track of everything and check missing items when unloading.

Moving can be exciting as you can look forward to a new beginning in your new home. Don’t let stress get to you; carefully plan the moving process. When packing, make sure to take care of certain furniture that needs special treatment, especially if you’ve already thrown away the original box/packaging. If this still seems bothersome for you, ask your removal company if they offer a packing service.

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