Not Your Grandmother’s Wool – How Merino Wool Became So Popular

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It’s one of the most popular trends in clothing: Merino wool is loved for its soft feel, breathable attributes and lightweight fit, and from fitness buffs to fashionistas and world travelers, this type of wool is a hit. It’s not your grandmother’s scratchy, heavy wool. This is an all-natural, soft, breathable, insulating wool that is immune to wrinkling and can stay fresh for long periods of time.

This type of wool comes from a specific breed of sheep – Merino sheep, in case you couldn’t guess – which produce the soft, fine Merino wool. These sheep adapt easily to most climates, so you can find them in a number of different countries, but Australia is the lead producer of Merino wool. The wool has five different grades ranging from strong to ultra fine, which is where it gets the softness and lightweight texture.


Those that love to do sports outdoors like hiking and biking enjoy this type of fabric for its ability to wick away moisture keeping them cool and dry, but also, those who just want to look good seek out the latest in merino wool clothing to add to their wardrobe. The insulating properties of this type of wool keep you cool when it’s hot out and warm when it’s cold, and though the wool is fine, the insulation will keep your temperature regulated better than a thick cotton sweatshirt. It’s also great for travelling as it has antibacterial properties, meaning that it won’t get smelly, even after a few days’ use in a hot place. You don’t have to worry about smelly socks or that old t-shirt smell.

But Merino wool isn’t just for those that workout or travel – it’s also great for everyday wear. Merino wool socks can be paired with any outfit, as they are soft and warm, keeping you fresh throughout the day. This type of wool has miniscule pockets in the wool fibres to absorb any moisture, which is another reason that they’re great for travelling, whether camping in the wilderness or touring a big city.

This breathable wool is so popular you can find it in many different types of clothing. Many choose to wear it as a base layer for outdoor activities; however, the popularity of it has spread to every type of clothing. Not only can you find lightweight, breathable t-shirts and pants, but you can even find Merino wool underwear (people love that it keeps them fresh and dry without chafing or feeling itchy).

Your grandmother’s itchy wool sweaters can’t come anywhere close to the comfort of Merino wool garments. The popularity of this type of wool keeps on soaring as more and more people find out about the lightweight wicking properties. No matter your level of activity, from lounging around the house to hiking up a mountain, Merino wool provides the comfort and quality you crave in clothing.


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