Why Do Lawyers Get Paid So Much? And Why They Deserve It

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Why Do Lawyers Get Paid So Much? Because they take on injustice everyday...

I regularly speak in schools with kids who are on the cusp of having to select which career path they would like to go down. The kids that I see are very smart and very keen and they always ask some wonderful questions during our meetings. A few weeks ago I was speaking with them about the legal system and how they could become a great professional like Jonathan Bunge Chicago-based lawyer and legal expert. When we got on to the theme of lawyers, one of the boys asked me why lawyers get paid so much and do they deserve it.

I could answer the first question immediately, but then I got to thinking about whether or not they deserve it, let’s take a look at why first and then we can draw a conclusion.

Hard and Lengthy Work

Lawyers must work incredibly hard to gain their position as a lawyer and they must work even harder when they are working on a case. We all need to remember that lawyers must be model students throughout their careers, they must study harder and for more years than most of us and then they need to break their backs just to be able to cut their teeth in the industry. Much of the financial reward which lawyers receive comes down to the sheer volume of work which they need to put in.

Perennial Student

Even when the education of a lawyer is over, things do not stop there as new cases, new arguments and new laws are regularly being made. A lawyer must ensure that they stay on top of these changes and advancements in order to do their job to the best of their ability. Many people’s education stops once they get a job, for a lawyer however they must remain a student and work as well.


The world needs great and strong lawyers so that we can all count on the law being upheld and everyone having the right to a fair and legal trial. For this reason, it is worth lawyers being paid so well as it inspires students who are looking at a career, to follow down this route and put in the hard work that is required to obtain a position such as this.

Managing Lives

A doctor is paid so much because of the knowledge and skill which they possess that has the ability to save people’s lives and in a sense, lawyers have a similar power and they are financially rewarded for it. Proving a murderer guilty and putting them in jail could save a life, keeping an innocent man out of jail and at home with his family could save a dangerous ripple effect and greatly improve people’s lives. Lawyers, through their intellect and their arguments, have the power to do this and greatly affect people’s lives.

In short, the answer is yes, lawyers most definitely deserve the money which they command and we should never question it.


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