The Ins and Outs of Green Retrofitting

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The past few years have been very difficult for the building industry. Homes were constructed that were too costly for people to buy, or even for companies to finish! There seemed to be a situation in which architects and builders lost touch with reality, failing to stick to the good practice principles that have made this industry so successful in the past. Suddenly, a huge number of homes is left standing empty, if construction has finished at all!

That said, humans make mistakes and they learn from them as well. The building industry is no different. Take, for instance, Terra Group, wherein Pedro Martin has invested all his time, energy, and expertise. His main element of focus has been to create modern designs, which look arty and beautiful in keeping with modern standards and designs, but that are sustainable at the same time. Indeed, his goal is to ensure every building constructed utilizes at least 50% less gas and electricity than they would have done in the past. Furthermore, he has focused on using sustainable materials and on ensuring the planet’s own powers are used to heat, cool, and ventilate the buildings.

The Green Future and the Green Present

It seems that the future is bright and the future is green thanks to professionals like Pedro Martin. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of the millions of buildings that exist now that are not green yet, nor of the construction workers who have not yet familiarized themselves with green technologies.

There is a strong focus, therefore, on retraining the workforce. Everybody, from the HVAC maintenance technician to the roofer, should be aware of new initiatives towards going green (like the Home Star program), and the technologies that are available to sustain this. Retrofitting green technology is a way that ensures everybody wins. The energy companies continue to earn because energy is produced for them, homeowners see significant savings in their own pockets, construction workers can apply new-found skills, and the planet as a whole becomes a cleaner, greener place to live on.

Retrofitting in existing construction is, thankfully, becoming increasingly popular. It seems, therefore, that the solutions are finally being implemented. This has made a huge difference to the construction industry, which has been able to create thousands of new jobs for retrained but existing construction workers. There are still some 100,000,000 homes across this country that could do with some sort of retrofitting, which means the industry is incredibly strong and set to last for a very long time.

Global economies have long been reliant on the construction industry and that is still true today. But now, the focus is strongly on sustainability, and for good reason. For companies like Terra Group, this is integrated like a golden thread in all its work, ensuring all staff is properly trained on sustainable technologies and making sure all construction is completed in a sustainable manner. In so doing, they have been able to make a huge difference to the world as a whole.


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