Family Reunion Road Trip Ideas

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One of the best way for a family to renew its bonds is to break out of your routines, and hit the road for some adventure together. This post will highlight some different ideas for a family road trip, from camp sites to wellness retreats to resorts. There are so many great choices in each category and you and your clan can select one particular choice based on the amenities and the mood you want. And remember if you select one you can always select a different choice when the time rolls around for another family reunion.

And since the point is for everyone to catch-up and bond, you might want to get a quote on a charter bus rental; from coach buses to minibuses to school buses, there are no shortage of options to fit all kinds of budgets, and make sure that everyone arrives safely, on time, and can start the family bonding along the way.

For your perusal here is a description of some of the best options for family reunion road trips.


Campsites are places where people come to camp and present a great place for families to get to spend some high quality face time. The style of this type of road trip is ideal for creating great bonding opportunities.  There are many different types of campsites located throughout the country and you can select one of each type no matter where you are looking to set up your reunion in the country. Some campsites have the bare minimum empty space with access to certain amenities including electricity and water, while others offer fully furnished cabins with running water, electricity and even spa tubs on private lots.

Additionally there are many campsites that offer a choice of roughing it or living a little bit higher on the hog. Some even come with access for the disabled. Make sure if you select the roughing it option that your clan agrees because many people prefer running water and electricity. So ask around and if some demur, you might want to go with the higher end camping option.

Wellness Retreats

A wellness retreat can be a great option for your family reunion. Everyone is so stressed today that giving them an option to relax, unwind and be pampered will likely be met with great enthusiasm by your family members. Wellness retreats are all-inclusive resorts that have a specific focus on providing massage, facial and body treatments and to pamper every guest who books time there.

Some retreats are connected to top hotels allowing your clan to book an extended stay while others are day spas providing a complete one day makeover schedule. You can choose from a menu of treatments and do them as solo or group activities. If you intend to make this selection check on the types of wellness treatments your group loves and make the sure the pricing is within everyone’s budget. Wellness retreats can be quite expensive.


Your family may want to aim for a specific resort for their get together. The resort may have a special significance. Perhaps it was the site of someone’s wedding or anniversary party. This would have it bring up positive memories with family members. You can also chose a resort that has a specific theme. Maybe as an example you choose the Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida because it is a great place for families and kids and has built in activities for both. If you plan on a resort make sure that it is one that your family members agree with. Those without kids may not want to go to a theme park.

No matter what type of venue you choose, the goal should be to have a great time with your family. You can do this wherever you select providing you make sure you plan events during your family reunion that bring everyone together.


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