4 Things to Build a Stronger Bond with Your Partner

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According to a study of newlywed couples, published in the Psychological Science journal, couples experience an “afterglow” after having sex that can last for up to two days. This glow is often the result of sexual satisfaction that remains elevated for 48 hours after having sex. What’s best about this 48-hour afterglow is that it helps partners to bond with each other.

Playing a central role in human evolution, sex is a very beautiful thing because it allows you to connect deeply with another human being. However, it is only possible if you have an amazing and highly satisfying sexual experience, says an expert at Top Male Enhancers, a site known for its unbiased reviews of natural male enhancement supplements, such as PHGH.

Here are 4 things you can do to achieve a stronger bond with your partner.

  1. Create an Inviting Bedroom

The first step towards having a memorable sexual encounter and a greater connection is setting up your bedroom for the scene. Give your bedroom a luxurious and sexy appeal that can inspire you and your partner to get as intimate as you can. Fill it with relaxing scented candles and dim the lighting. Make it untouched by the outside world. Don’t make the mistake of using your sanctuary to finish unromantic stuff like paying bills, finishing office projects, watching TV and mobile surfing.

  1. Switch Off Your Smartphone

According to the results of a study published in the Daily Mail, spending two hours a day using their gadget, an average user is spending more time with their smartphone than with their partner. They use their mobile time to surf the internet, check various social networks, listen to music and play games. It has been seen that partners of individuals who are overly dependent on mobile devices are less satisfied in their relationship. You need to watch out if you can’t resist your temptation to check your phone while you are with your partner. Not switching off your smartphone could not only lead to missed opportunities for bonding but could offend your partner as well.

  1. Speak Your Mind

Most people have sexual fantasies, although not everyone discusses their fantasies with their partner. Not discussing your deepest sexual thoughts and desires will only keep them wondering how they can please you best and even lead to them ending up sticking to the same routine in bed. Even if you are experiencing issues such as erectile dysfunction and wish to use ED products, discuss it with your partner and see how much better you feel after that.

  1. Gaze at Each Other

The first thing couples make sure when they start having sex is to close their eyes to allow themselves to feel every bit of that moment. However, if you want extreme stimulation, maintain eye contain, even if it is for a couple of minutes, when things start getting intense. Looking at each other while you are at the peak of your excitement will help develop a deeper connection, highly beneficial for your long term bonding.

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