Top Tips To Look After Your Teeth

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Bad teeth are something that nobody wants to have, they can significantly dent your confidence when you talk and smile and they can leave you feeling pretty down on yourself. For this reason it is vitally important that you do all that you can to look after your teeth in order to keep them looking fresh and white and to keep them straight. As my dentist Dr. Kami Hoss always tells me, dental hygiene is not just about keeping your teeth looking great from an aesthetic point of view, it is also about helping to avoid diseases which can affect your mouth in your later years. If you want to look after your teeth better, here are some tips on how to do it.

Brush Twice Per Day

Brushing twice a day is required to keep your teeth white and healthy, bacteria and plaque can build up during the day and food can easily get lodged between the teeth. The best time to brush is after you have had a meal and you should try and use the smallest head possible to ensure that you get into all of the hard to reach areas.

Brush Properly

When you brush your teeth you should be doing so for at least two minutes to ensure that you are thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums. Use circular motions and aim to brush just above the tooth on the gumline.

Use Fluoride

Toothpaste which has high levels of fluoride in it is the best type of toothpaste on the market as it will not only reduce the risk of tooth decay, but also harden the enamel that is there to protect your teeth.

Cut Down On The Sugar

When you eat sugary snacks, the sugar attaches itself to your gums, once this happens, the bacteria in dental plaque then begins to turn the sugar into acid which can cause tooth decay.

Food Only

Don’t use your teeth to open bottles or even packages as you can present yourself with the risk of chipping or breaking your teeth. When it comes to using your gnashers, make sure that food is the only thing which they are being asked to break down.

Hit The Dentist

Waiting until something is wrong with your teeth before going to see the dentist is not a good idea and you should make sure that you see your dentist for a check-up at least twice a year. Doing this can not only help you to get advice form your dentist about caring for your teeth, it can also help to spot problems early and fix them before they cause you problems and discomfort.

Remember that you only get one set of teeth as an adult and if you lose them, chip them, break them or cause diseases near them, you could be in for quite a difficult time, do all that you can to protect your teeth from that.


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